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Best Local Hair StylistThe City of Manchester has several educational institutes, including the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester itself. These facilities offer a range of qualifications to their students, but one course in particular has seen a rapid increase in popularity and it relates to hair dressing. Hair salons in the area are constantly on the lookout for new hair stylists and over the years, this has led to the city becoming a hub for hair care experts of all calibres.

But with such a range in education levels, how highly trained are those that choose to practice within the city itself?

New hair stylists

Once a hair stylist obtains their level 1 qualification in hairdressing, they will be permitted to offer their services on a professional basis. Although fairly amateur when compared to those that have been in the industry, the qualification dictates that anyone hoping to offer these types of services as a career will need to possess a particular level of understanding pertaining to the industry itself.

Most students will have to undergo extensive training in both theoretical and practical forms; with a final exam relating to the treatment of an actual person’s hair. Further qualifications can be obtained right up to level 4, but as most will find that they can learn on the job once authorised to do so, it’s not uncommon for the majority to find employment and then expand their knowledge of hairdressing.


Anyone that is paid for a service can be considered a professional, but as the requirements to become a hair care practitioner can be fairly easy to obtain, it’s no wonder why many clients demand more from their hairdressers. Fortunately, a good hair salon in Manchester will only consider employing those that can boast their own skills.

This is why most salons will make it clear regarding which of their stylists have obtained which level of qualification. This can make it simple to save money by opting for a newly qualified one, but it will also be an option to invest a little more money into a treatment to enjoy the results from a highly qualified hair stylist instead.