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Wedding Dress Shopping Survival Kit

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Wedding Dress Shopping Survival Kit

October 24, 2017      In Wedding Advice By Comments Off on Wedding Dress Shopping Survival Kit

So the day has finally arrived and you’re ready to have one of the biggest times of your life when you go out shopping for wedding dresses. It is a day that many women wait for and sometimes, they may have waited an entire lifetime in order to take part in the special event. It is one of the more celebrated days that surround the wedding and in some cases, it may even be more enjoyable than the wedding day itself.

Since the day that you go shopping for a wedding dress is so important, it’s vital that you are prepared in advance. Rather than just going in and trying to take care of everything without any planning, you should put together a little survival kit so that you can do more than get through the day; you can rule the day. The following are some of the things that should be included in the wedding dress shopping survival kit. Be sure that you have yours ready and you will find that it makes all of the difference in the world.

Aspirin – Although we talk specifically about aspirin, it could be Advil, Tylenol or any other pain reliever. You should have this in your survival kit just in case you have that impromptu headache or if someone in your party has some aches and pains.

Breath Mints – It is always a good idea to have fresh breath and, considering the fact that you are going to be up close and personal with the bridal consultant, it never hurts to have some breath mints with you.

Baby Powder – You are going to be trying on a number of different dresses and sometimes, it can get a little hard on the skin. In order to avoid skin issues and to make sure that the dresses slip on and off, a little baby powder would never hurt. Of course, you should not overdo it but a little powder can make all the difference.

Cash – It is always a good idea to have a form of payment with you, such as a credit card, but you should also have some cash on hand for the big day as well. The day is going to be about shopping for wedding dresses but it is also going to be about stopping at Starbucks and perhaps making a few other fun stops along the way.

Makeup Kit – It is important to have your makeup on when you go shopping for a wedding dress. It will give you a better idea of how you are going to look when the big day arrives. Be sure that you have a little makeup kit with you so that you can do any touchups that are necessary along the way.

Shoes – You might be surprised with how many women forget to bring shoes when they are trying on wedding dresses. You don’t need to bring the shoes that you are going to wear on the big day but try to bring shoes that are quite similar in height and style.

Hand Sanitizer – It is always a good idea to have some of this with you, regardless of where you’re going.

Phone Charger – You might be snapping some pictures so a phone charger may be a good idea. Always make sure that you ask permission before taking any selfies in a wedding dress.

Water – Bring some bottled water so that you can stay hydrated.

These are a few of the many things that you should bring along with you when you are shopping for a wedding dress. You may also think of some other things that are appropriate for your needs, but this basic kit should work well for most brides-to-be.

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